About us

What are we?

We are a one of a kind agency... in fact, we are a multi-tasking team focused on giving great solutions for really big projects. We don't build brands, we build monsters.

We believe that success is the result of working with passion when creating extraordinary things. Go big or go home.

What we do

Branding, Socialmedia, Web, Mobile, Photography.

Our team

The pretty faces that make magic happen.

Eduardo León

Co-founder & Creative/Design

Luis Castañeda

Co-founder & Creative/Media

Manuel Sánchez

Associate & Photography

Ricardo Holguín

Web & Mobile

Óscar Aguilar


Jonathan Becerra



Fun Chief Officer


Security Chief Officer

Join our team

We are constantly looking for talent and passion, if you would like to be part of monstarter, please let us know.